Two Byrds
​Murray Grey Beef Cattle

Striving for show quality registered purebred and percentage Murray Grey cattle in Eagle Point, OR.  Our goal is to have a sustainble operation with breeding stock that is gentle and easy to keep.  All cattle registered with the American Murray Grey Association.
​Two Byrds Fantom
Purebred dark grey bull calf born 11-11-18 by Windy Acres Excaliber, the 2018 AMGA National Grand Champion Murray Grey bull.  Combined the lines of Temar Lotus, Gentle Acres Trojan, Romance, and Willalooka Pharaoh into this dynamite smoky bull. Pictured here at one month old.

Dam: VF Creme de Cocoa (Gentle Acres Trojan x MLJ Zanya)
Sire:  Windy Acres Excaliber (JB Colt 45 x Windy Acres Cleo's Romance)

Cocoa was the 2018 AMGA Reserve National Champion Murray Grey Female.

​BW 75 lbs WW TBD YW TBD

​Available for purchase May 2019, semen collection rights retained for breeder.

​Two Byrds Gypsy Romance
​Two Byrds Firefly
A silver heifer calf born 01/08/19! She is built just like her 1/2 sister who was the AMGA National Champion Heifer Calf in 2018.  Gypsy is deep bodied and balanced.  I expect her to  be moderate and have excellent milk.

First calf by Sunnyridge Epic Power (HA Bentley x Sunnyridge Classie)!

Dam: Windy Acres Cleo's Romance (MLJ Zander x JB Romance Rose)

Born 01-09-19

​Two Byrds Galaxy

Black bull calf born 03/11/2019 ​​

Sire: Eagles Run Just Because [AI]

Dam: JB Xclusive Monique (Eagle Rock Sensation x JB Monique Marie)


​Super friendly black bull calf with a nice shoulder. We are super
excited about this guy! Photo by Bonnie Sicard- he is about a month old.

​LGR Gwendolyn
​LGR Goliath Warrior

Calves coming Fall 2019-Spring 2020

VF Creme de Cocoa x Woodbourn Fame [AI] due 10/15/19 PB MG

Two Byrds Evening Moon x Eagles Run High Roller [AI] due 10/15/19 75% MG

LGR Empress x JB Boulder due 12/27/19 (TBC) PB MG


Windy Acres Cleo's Romance x Victory Powerplay [AI] due 01/16/20 (TBC) PB MG

Two Byrds Egypt's Shadow x Twin Fir Black Powder [AI] due ?? PB MG

JB Xclusive Monique x HA McKinley [AI] due ?? PB MG

 Two Byrds Firefly x Lilyvale Dynamic [AI] due ?? PB MG

Two Byrds Flower Blossom x Two Byrds Frost due Spring 2020 75% MG

​Naturally polled
​Often times beef cattle are difficult to manage because of their disposition.  Murray Greys are well known for being gentle.  Boulder's owner says that he has the disposition of a labrador.
​Not a mini by any means, these cows are typically 1000 - 1500 lbs and bulls 1800 - 2500 lbs. 
​Developed in Austrailia in 1905 - 1918 by breeding a roan Shorthorn cow with black Aberdeen Angus bulls.  The grey calves from that original cow were favored in the predominately Angus area.
Colors, ​colors, colors...
​Purebred Murray Grey cattle can range from light silver (Cleo) to black in color.  White patches above the belly disqualify purebred animals from registration.  The skin is dark (see the nose)-- which helps prevent eye and nose cancers. Cocoa here is considered Dark Grey, she also has birth marks that give her coat a dappled look.
​​​Registered Percentage Murray Grey cattle can be any color.  One parent must be registered to qualify for registration. A 7/8 Murray Grey can qualify for purebred registration if they qualify with all the color and skin requirements. Dark Chocolate is 50% Murray Grey and is a Dark Grey-- her calves will qualify for 75% registration.